14 June 2006


Today promised to be a good day but to my surprise it was not. Oh! Ukrainian football team did not make this day any better too. Catastrophic gameplay plus one unfair penalty made them lose with an awful score! Ok, they will have at least two another opportunities to win ;)


Villacampa said...

I'm spanish and i agree with you. The penalty was not a penalty.

I hope you will have better luck in the next match!!

Anonymous said...

The penalty was indeed not a penalty. But it wouldn't have made a difference.

The Spaniards played, in my opinion, one of the best games so far in the whole world cup. They were fast, precise, organized and had plenty of opportunities to score a few more goals, so I would say that all in all the results were fair.

Ucrania should have no problem winning the next two games and making it into the next round.

Good luck

Alexander Dymo said...

Yes, you guys are right, Ukraine has no chance of winning. Spain played very well. Ukraine did not played at all. I only hope they will do better next time.